Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why Pop-Up Libraries Pop Up--Part Two

The Fresno County Public Library has two pop-up programs--the Senior Pop-Up Library and the Community Pop-Up Library--bringing services to events and people that might not be able to use a regular library building. Around the world are other pop-ups, too. Here are some of the different ways books and people can get together....

 Colorado--Pedal-powered library.
Texas--Supermarket storytime.
  New York City--Seats and shelves.

England--Old booths, new libraries. 
 France--Books on the beach.
Mongolia--A pop-up camel?
 Fresno--Community Pop-Up.
Fresno--Senior Pop-Up
Pop-up libraries come in many shapes and sizes, but they always have exciting things to see, hear, or read. The FCPL Pop-Up Libraries are loaded with cool stuff. Watch for them.


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