Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Some Days Are Special

Some people think that librarians are boring, that they don’t want people to have any fun, that they practice shushing exercises in their free time. Being a librarian can be a downer, but there are some days————


When I was at one of our Pop-Up Library events, a woman came to the library table and said, “Do you see that boy?”

She was pointing to a young man who was near high-school age, and she said, “I used to bring him to storytimes at your branch!”

I felt old, because it has been a long time since I read stories at that branch. She talked with me for a while, excited about the library’s new services like e-books and databases. It was a pleasant chat.

After she went away, I tried to tidy up our display. There were books to check out, information flyers about the library, and library giveaways: stickers, pens, and bags. I also had a stack of magnetic white-boards for note-writing on your refrigerator. One of them had some writing on it. I almost erased it until I read the message:

“Thank you Library”

 That was one of the special days.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Driving Tests: Pass Them the Easy Way!

Is it time to renew your California Driver's License, or is someone taking the written test for the first time?


One of the links on the Fresno County Public Library’s Research It webpage is Driving Tests. Click on it and you will have instant access to twelve California automobile driving tests, eight motorcycle tests, four CDL (Commercial Driving License) tests, and three online driving manuals for studying. There are also tests and manuals in Spanish.

Here is a sample question:

If you litter on the roadside, you are subjected to a fine of:

A.     $1000

B.     $500

C.     $1,500

D.     $600


What was your guess? The first time I saw this question, I chose $1,500. I was wrong. The fine for littering is $1,000. If you were right, congratulations, but it still wouldn’t hurt to take some of these practice tests to brush up on all the facts you’ll need at the DMV. This isn’t one of the library’s subscription databases, but it is reliable…and it’s FREE!

So, toss out those old, yellowed, out-of-date written tests your family has been saving, and get ready to pass, get your license, and hit the road! WoW!
 FCPL databases provide cardholders with a vast amount of accurate, free online information. This blog post is a part of a weekly series highlighting FCPL databases and is tagged with the blog tag “Resource of the Week.”