Friday, October 6, 2017

Coming to California

The Fresno County Public Library is hosting a Story Jam on October 21 at the Bitwise theater at 2:00 PM. The theme of this Story Jam is coming to California. You are invited to come tell your personal story about your journey to California. For more information or to register to tell your story please click here.

California the Journey Story Jam - Until You Walk a Mile is the final event in the California the Journey series. The other events in this series were Taste the World - Community PotluckTell Us Your Story, and The Art of the Journey.

Come join us, October 21 at 2:00 PM in the John W. Dodson Theater at Bitwise 700 Van Ness Ave, to tell your story or to hear the stories of others . We hope to see you there.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Summer Challenge Fun Finale

The Summer Challenge is over and Fae's Fresno Skyline is complete. Throughout the summer Fae has blogged about her fun experiences, from visiting Sequoia National Park to eating a chocolate covered cricket, on the Fresno Teen blog. For her final blog post, she wrote a book review of Stephen King's IT.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Summer Challenge Fun Part 8

The Summer Challenge is over and Fae's adventures are coming to a close. Last week, Fae played board games, spray painted her patio furniture, volunteered to help her family, and visited Art Hop.

Throughout the summer, Fae has blogged about reading Stephen King's IT and she will finish off her Summer Challenge with a book review. What does she think of IT? Was she hiding under the bed covers while she was reading? Will Fae ever be able to sleep again? Visit the Fresno Teen blog next week to find out.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Summer Challenge Fun Part 7

Fae's adventures are nearly over and her Fresno Skyline becomes more alive as she completes each activity. With the Summer Challenge nearly over, will she be able to complete all the tasks? She's already had a wild ride this summer. Last week she ate bugs, read poetry by a local author, designed a personal logo, and mailed a card to a friend.
The Summer Challenge is for children and teens and ends August 6. Each participant is given a log with different activities to complete. The participant is entered into a raffle to win a prize after they have completed a certain number of tasks. For more information on the history of the Summer Challenge and the available prizes, please click here.