Monday, December 21, 2015

Why Pop-Up Libraries Pop Up--Part Three

What does it take to make a pop-up library? Pop-up libraries are able to go where no bookmobile has gone before, from out in fields to inside buildings. Pop-up services need to be planned and prepared before they go out in public.

It's like a whole library in the back of one Prius.  


You Need...


Library Personnel--Librarians and Library Assistants help the public with services and decisions. Sometimes, there are community volunteers, and they can be a lot of help.
How many volunteers does it take to assemble a table?
Laptop computer(s) (with software that lets you make library cards and check out books outside of the library).

Hotspot (Portable Wi-Fi connection), Barcode Scanner (for checkouts, checkins, and checking up on stuff), Receipt Printer (if a plug-in is available), and Due Date Reminders (if a plug-in isn't available).

Library Cards, Card Applications (We want more people to be able to use our libraries).

Tables, Shelves,  Chairs, Floor Cover/Cushions (for storytime events), Canopy (Just in case).

30-200 library books/DVDs/Books on CD (for checkout, so you can take things home for a few weeks).

Pop-up libraries include a wide variety of books and media. Check it out, then check them out. 
Flyers/giveaways (Library information, stickers, buttons, pens, bags)

Tally Sheet (So we know how many people we talk to, how many library cards we make, and how many items people check out)

Transport Dolly (to carry more stuff in less trips)
Here are the building blocks that make up a pop-up library.
Here is how it all fits together for a Community Pop-Up, outdoors.
This is a Senior Pop-Up, indoors.
Do you have an event or place that needs a pop-up? Fill out our WoW! Pop-Up Request Form.

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