Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Citizenship Corners

Did you know Fresno County is home to tens of thousands of Lawful Permanent Residents who are eligible for Naturalization?  The Fresno County Public Library, in partnership with the Central Valley Networks for Integrating New Americans and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, is proud to present its new Citizenship Corners.  

You can find a Citizenship Corner at the following branches: Central, Kerman, Mendota, Orange Cove, Parlier and Selma.

Citizenship Corners are a dedicated library space where New Americans can fill their information needs about becoming a U.S. Citizen as well as find financial self-help information and California AB60 Driver’s License information.

Free-to-take information includes civics test preparation materials, N-400 form and instructions, pamphlets on immigration fraud, USCIS benefits, BIA accredited and recognized organization lists, AB60 information, and financial literacy information.

You’ll need a library card to take home the Citizenship Toolkit, Civics questions flashcards, and vocabulary flashcards.  There are also some handy reference books available to check out.

In addition to the physical locations of the Citizenship Corners, FCPL has also added information on its webpage.

On December 4th, a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Central branch commemorated the opening of the Citizenship Corners.
 There were representatives from several of the Central Valley Network for Integrating New Americans organizations, including The Maddy Institute, the Fresno Adult School and Mi Familia Vota.  Speakers at the event included Library Manager Susan Mann, USCIS Section Chief Lynn Feldman and CV-NINA representative, from Mi Familia Vota, Samuel Molina.  Also in attendance were representatives from Senator Boxer’s office and County Administrative Officer’s office.

L to R: Lisa Agao, Fresno Adult School; Lynn Feldman, USCIS Section Chief; Samuel Molina, Mi Familia Vota; Lance Tullis, CAO Jean Rousseau’s office; Susan Mann, Fresno County Public Library; Ahmeen Khan, Senator Boxer’s office

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