Friday, January 29, 2016

Girl Scout Expo

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Take a thousand or so Girl Scouts, put them in one building, and what do you have? the Fresno Girl Scout Cookie Expo!
The Fresno County Public Library booth at the Cookie Expo was a busy place January 23rd at the Fresno Fairgrounds. Information about library resources, craft activities, and making new library cards were the order of the day.
Even with cookie tasting, inflatable obstacle courses, Star Wars Stormtroopers, Kopi Sotiropoulos, and other displays to get their attention, hundreds of Girl Scouts, leaders, and families from several counties of the Valley visited the FCPL booth. Eric Dunnicliff, Rita Leung, and WoW! staffers Joanna Chase and Terrance Mc Arthur helped Scouts with the craft and answered questions about library services.

Eric and Joanna,
waiting for the Expo to start.

Here come the Girl Scouts!


Bentley going to meet
his fans.
Bentley, the Library's popular mascot, made an appearance, greeting fans and posing for pictures. In the booth, Terrance told people about e-books and downloadable movies, Zinio online magazines, the Freegal music service, and Beanstack. All these FREE services excited leaders and parents, who carried off flyers and bookmarks filled with information.

The Girl Scouts decorated cut-out leaves with what they liked most about the library. more than 150 participated. The leaves will be part of a display at the Central Library in February. For helping to create the display, each Girl Scout received a patch with Bentley's picture stitched into it.

Girl Scout-decorated leaves,
ready for display at the Central Library.

The Library Patch for Girl Scouts,

It was a lively event, with lots to see and do. Next to the FCPL booth, a radio station challenged people to hit a golf ball into a putting cup. Costumed members of the 501st (the local Star Wars re-enactors chapter) swung light sabers as onlookers oohed and ahhed.

Rita putts at the
booth next door.
Terrance learns a lesson:
never jostle a Jedi.
It was a good day for Girl Scouts, families, cookies, fun, and learning about the library. 

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