Jessica Hall

Jessica Hall graduated with her MLIS from San Jose State and her B.S. in Computer Science from University of Nevada Reno. She lived in San Jose before being hired as a librarian for the WoW! mobile unit. Jessica enjoys traveling throughout Fresno County for her work. On her off time Jessica is an avid gamer playing MMOs and table top RPGs. Jessica's role in WoW! is to bring the library to the senior and veteran populations of Fresno County.

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  1. I am Oanh Pham. I am living in San Jose . I have known Jessica Hall when she was a volunteer tech mentor at Education Park Library in San Jose . Because of Jessica I have learned how to use my cell phone and gained basic computer knowledge. I really appreciate her for her time and for her knowledge . Her personality is awesome. Jessica is always patient , listening ,devoted, explaining clearly, taking time and friendly. I am so glad to have worked with Jessica and am so proud that she was my tech mentor . I am happy that Jessica Hall is working at WoW Fresno Library now where she is following her goal to serve her community . I really miss her . God bless you. Oanh Pham