Thursday, July 7, 2016

¿Comprende Ingles?

Learning a new language can be frightening, but Basic ESL is a service that makes it easier to learn English as a Second Language. The Fresno County Public Library has Basic ESL for FREE on its website.

The method is simple, starting with the English language's sounds, then going on to vocabulary and its sentence structure. You can start with primary languages from many parts of the world: French, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, and more. Lessons are spoken in English, with their words and sentences printed in the primary language.

Vocabulary lessons teach words and put them in context, and dialogue lessons show how to use those words in talking to people.

Entering through the Research It link on the FCPL home page, Basic ESL asks new users to register, so their progress can be tracked. The home language, name, email address, and a selected password are used to set up an account. Passwords are six letters and numbers, and can be as simple as “abc123” or “mynam3.”

Once registered, it’s time to learn! Speakers or headphones are needed to hear the audio portion, which is triggered by the clicking the speaker icons
on the page. Listen and repeat the words, and listen again, if you wish.

It’s a simple program, and it’s FREE through the Fresno County Public Library.

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