Monday, July 25, 2016

But Wait! I Want More Time!—How to Renew Library Materials

Checking out books, movies, and audio from the library gives you a sense of joy…until you realize that it’s the due date, time to return them, and you aren’t finished with your reading, watching, or listening.

What do you do? Take a speed-reading class? Turn them in and hope you can check them out again? Keep them until you’re finished, and dip into your savings to pay the overdue fines?

Stay calm. You may be able to renew them and get some extra time.

It’s Not Late, Yet

If the Fresno County Public Library items you want to keep aren’t overdue, you may renew them (get more time) at any library branch, by phone, or even online. If nobody else has it on hold (has requested that item, and is waiting for it), you can renew it up to two times.  
Look at your checkout slip or the self-checkout monitor to see when the materials will now be due. Books and DVDs check out for different lengths of time. The renewal starts the day you renew it, not from the day it was originally due.

You Can’t Always Renew What You Want

If your library materials are already late, you can’t renew them online. You can go to a branch to renew them in person, or renew over the phone with library staff. Some things can not be renewed. The New & Now category is a one-time-only checkout, and is not to be renewed. Inter-library loans from outside the Valley consortium do not get renewed. Items that are on the waiting list for other people don’t get renewed. It’s only fair that others get a chance to read that book or see that movie.

The Fresno County Public Library wants people to have a pleasant library experience, and to share its holdings with as many people as possible.

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