Thursday, August 20, 2015

Making Community Connections

WoW! librarians are out in the field canvassing. During our canvassing, we are always looking for potential opportunities to partner with businesses.  Librarian, Shannon Morrison, came across a flier at a market and she saw a potential partnership opportunity!
She took the flier and gave them a call to see if they would take up the opportunity to partner with the Fresno County Library. They did! Chou, Chong, and Shannon met out in the field to see how a partnership can blossom.
The non-profit mission is promoting healthy youth development through a positive and meaningful engagement that will contribute to a more vibrant community. The non-profit foundation has just been created. Chou and Chong were amazed at being able to link to our free resources. They are now aware of the Grant and Non-Profit Center that will help them research funding opportunities and apply for grants that will aid them in their mission to promote healthy youth development! They learned about that will give them skills in developing their upcoming web page (be on the lookout for it!). Shannon also showed them Reference USA if they need to build a client list along with the Small Business Reference Center. They can now access NoLo ebooks without even stepping into the library.

The partnership isn't stopping here. Shannon has been invited out to their soccer clinic workshop to set up an outreach table to invite people to get library cards, show them the Fresno County Public Library Mobile App, and teach parents who might need to improve their language skills with our Mango Languages database. Parents will not be bored while waiting for their kids' soccer clinic to finish, as the library has just the thing for them to do! 

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