Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Some Days Are Special

Some people think that librarians are boring, that they don’t want people to have any fun, that they practice shushing exercises in their free time. Being a librarian can be a downer, but there are some days————


When I was at one of our Pop-Up Library events, a woman came to the library table and said, “Do you see that boy?”

She was pointing to a young man who was near high-school age, and she said, “I used to bring him to storytimes at your branch!”

I felt old, because it has been a long time since I read stories at that branch. She talked with me for a while, excited about the library’s new services like e-books and databases. It was a pleasant chat.

After she went away, I tried to tidy up our display. There were books to check out, information flyers about the library, and library giveaways: stickers, pens, and bags. I also had a stack of magnetic white-boards for note-writing on your refrigerator. One of them had some writing on it. I almost erased it until I read the message:

“Thank you Library”

 That was one of the special days.

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