Friday, June 26, 2015

WoW! JobNow!

Job-hunting can be difficult, time-consuming and downright stressful. If you haven’t created a resume in a while, or if it’s been years since you were interviewed, the prospect of going through the job application process may inspire serious anxiety. So where can you go for resume templates and interview advice? JobNow, an online resource provided by the Fresno County Public Library, is a great place to start. Simply go to the Library’s Job and Career page, click Job Now and log in with your library card number. (Never had a library card? Had one a while back but have no clue where it is? Visit any local library branch with your ID to get one.)

What’s so great about JobNow? JobNow gives you access to resume templates, resume advice and (perhaps most impressively) a resume lab where you can submit your resume and get feedback from an expert.

Worried about that job interview? JobNow also gives you access to online interview coaches, who will help you refine your answers and make you more comfortable with the process.

Now, JobNow is one of several Job and Career resources the Library offers. Visit the Library’s Jobs and Job Hunting page or call us at (559) 600-9699 to discover others.  

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