Monday, June 8, 2015

What to Do? What to Do?

School's over, and you're...bored. Looking for something to do? Wander in the Internet to the Fresno County Public Library’s database page, down to the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center, and you’ll find a world’s worth of things to do.

Articles, book chapters, and other sources on various pastimes are ready to read, look at, or spark creativity, and it’s all FREE with your library card! You can find information on hobbies as common as:


     or Chess


or as unusual as:

Bell Ringing

or Bungee Jumping.

You can learn about:
  • Mosaics (tile and grout are extra),
  • Woodburning (Be careful! It’s hot!),
  • Sketching (landscapes, still lifes, and more),
  • Coin Collecting (foreign or domestic),
  • Basketry (coiling and weaving and twining, oh my!),
  • PEZ Collecting (Did you know they have the Star Trek crew on dispensers?),
  • Candlemaking (dipped or poured),
  • Postcard Collecting (“Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here”),
  • Board Games (from Monopoly to Snakes and Ladders),
  • Batik (wax-dyed fabric),
  • Crochet (Hook it!),
  • Knitting (Knit one, purl two, OOPS!),
  • Origami (It looks like…folded paper),
  • Model Trains (All aboard!),
  • Cross Stitch (decorate clothing and ornaments),
  • Lego Models (You’ve seen the movie, now step on the blocks in the middle of the night),
  • Macrame (Knot, knot! Who’s there?),
  • Bird Watching (the original tweets),
  • Hang Gliding (“Is this thing safe?”),
  • Geocaching (Hide-and-Seek for the GPS generation),
  • Scuba Diving (“Under the Sea”),
  • Magic Tricks (“Now you see it….”),
  • Puppetry (strings, hands, and shadows),
  • Piano (tunes at your fingertips),
  • Astronomy (Star light, Star bright....),
  • Robotics (Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto),
  • Papermaking (What’s a deckle?)

and a host of other pursuits, trivial or otherwise.

Image result for trivial pursuit

Look at all the things you can do, and you’ll go “WoW!”

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