Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stories…and Beyond!

One of the most important steps in learning to read is making that connection between letters on a page and words that mean something. On the Fresno County Public Library website, one of the best tools for doing that is a FREE service called BookFlix. All you need is a library card number to unlock dozens of hours of reading and learning!

It features animated videos of picture books for children. Each one is read aloud, with the words highlighted as the story goes along. Since schools are moving into non-fiction-based learning, each fictional story is paired with a book that gives facts about a subject connected to the story.

The non-fiction book can be read aloud for you, or it can be read without audio help. Words that might be new to the reader are highlighted, and their meanings are revealed with a click of the mouse.


The book-pairs are fun and interesting. Bark, George, about a puppy with a strange problem, is teamed up with Pets at the Vet, which tells how veterinarians take care of animals and help them get well.

Joseph Had a Little Overcoat shows a worn-out coat that becomes a jacket, a vest, a scarf, and other things as the remaining pieces are remade into useful items.  That book is featured with Recycle That, about new uses for old trash.
BookFlix is a great way to make reading a habit, building a bridge between the printed page and a world of imagination and information. WoW!

P.S.--The FCPL also offers "Dial-A-Story," a call-in recording where a book is read by library staff. It's a great bedtime-helper, with the story changed every few weeks. Call 559-600-8253 (600-TALE) and give it a listen!

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