Monday, March 16, 2015

The Library at Your Fingertips

Are you one of the 29 percent of adult Americans who can’t imagine life without a cell phone? Or are you a recent adopter, navigating your way through a world of apps, texts and notifications for the first time? Regardless of your comfort level, you should know the Fresno County Public Library is accessible on your mobile device, on-the-go, wherever you have online access.

It’s 11 at night and you want to know if the library owns the Oscar-winning movie Birdman (we do!). Or maybe you just realized the 23 picture books you checked out for your 3-year-old were due that day. Download our mobile app to your smartphone or tablet, and you can do your library business without leaving the comfort of your nice soft bed. Search our catalog, request items to be sent to your local branch, renew what you have checked out, or ask a real librarian a question via text message, phone, or email. The App works for Apple and Android devices—simply go to your app store and search for “Fresno Library.” Too easy!

Prevent Waiting Room Boredom-- Magazines and eBooks on Your Device
Have you had a doctor's appointment recently? Had to take your car in for maintenance? Did your tax guy's previous appointment run long, leaving you listless in the lobby? You might've had trouble keeping occupied as the minutes slogged by. Of course you can't get that precious time back, but you can be better prepared next time by having the Library's Zinio and Overdrive apps installed on your phone or tablet. Download and keep (yes, we said KEEP) current and back issues of titles like Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, and Car and Driver. Or get the Overdrive app and check out eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming media. Read, watch and listen, right from the app!

As always, these services are free and available to any Fresno County resident with a valid library card. If you're having trouble getting started, call or email us today.

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