Tuesday, June 24, 2014

WoW! What is it?

WoW! stands for “Library Without Walls!” The WoW! team is a group of librarians who travel all over Fresno County to tell people about what the library has, how it can help people, and to let everybody know that it’s all FREE. They bring library services to individuals, businesses, community groups, non-profits, and local governments.

WoW! is in the community.
WoW! aims to make connections with businesses, nonprofits, schools, and other organizations in Fresno County. They attend outreach events, give presentations about library services, and provide research assistance.
Consider WoW! staff your personal community librarians.

WoW! is mobile.
WoW! librarians travel throughout Fresno County-- from Big Creek to Mendota, downtown Fresno to San Joaquin--using a fleet of hybrid cars. 

WoW! brings library resources to you
Miles away from the nearest library branch, WoW! librarians issue library cards, demonstrate online services, and assist you with research. 

How can WoW! help me?
WoW! offers a number of services. We:
  • Demonstrate library resources;
  • Issue library cards anywhere;
  • Assist with research questions;
  • Provide computer and technology assistance;
  • Help community members, nonprofit staff, and business owners use library services to accomplish their goals.

How do I get in contact with WoW!
Call us at (559) 600-9699 or send us an email

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